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Summer 2020 courses

GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk (B-Soc) | Distance Education
GSWS 201-3 Colonizing Women: Canadian Women in Historical Perspective, 1600-1870s | Pattison UPDATED as of April 21, 2020
GSWS 210-3 Gender Today | Walcott-Francis
GSWS 314-4 Race, Class and Gender | Zaman  UPDATED again as of April 21, 2020
GSWS 316-4 Disciplining Sex: Feminist Science Studies and Sociobiology | Sigurdson UPDATED again as of May 4, 2020
GSWS 318-4 ST:  Gender and Memory in Global Asia | Salimjan
GSWS 319-4 ST:  Crippin' Disability  | Distance Education
GSWS 320-4 ST:  Drag Cultures | Boulay
GSWS 398W-4 Feminist Currents | Distance Education
GSWS 399-4 Gender, Sex and Numbers | Muller Myrdahl ( Intersession)

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