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Why Study Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies?

Watch the "Why Study Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies?" YouTube video featuring:

Dr. Lara Campbell
Dr. Coleman Nye
Dr. Habiba Zaman

City Conversations: Making Visible the Invisible: The Intersectionality of Invisible Labour

As part of SFU Public Square’s Community Summit, Brave New Work, don’t miss this upcoming special edition of City Conversations, hosted by the SFSS Women’s Centre.

Panelists include Dr. Habiba Zaman

Today, the mental and emotional impact of invisible labour has moved beyond family duties and continues to pervade even the most diverse and progressive ways of living, often to the disadvantage of marginalized groups. This conversation goes beyond the intersections of gender. Instead, panelists will delve deep into how the invisible workload and other burdens are systemically and disproportionately impacting some individuals more than others, in their home, their workplace, and their community. Then it’s your turn to pose questions, comments, and observations. Together, we can begin using this as an opportunity to create awareness and go beyond the often outdated notions of gendered work.

As usual, City Conversations is free and open to everyone! Join the conversation on March 1, from 12:30 - 1:30pm at SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre, room 7000.

For more information, visit the SFU Public Square website, https://goo.gl/fb25WV


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Rosemary Brown Memorial Conference
September 23, 2017

Rosemary Brown Award Recipient and Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dana Brynelson
From Institution to Community: Stories of Transformation in the World of Development Disability

Videos of the Canada 150 Conference on Migration of Bengalis - click here to watch



Listen to Dr. Habiba Zaman's CBC interview on about invisible labour on The Early Edition
The interview starts at the 2:38 mark.

Surrey’s Youth For A Change Group co-founded by Dr. Jen Marchbank is featured in Surrey 604

Listen to Dr. Lara Campbell discuss the passing of the bill on gender neutral lyrics of O Canada on BBC 5 Live tonight (February 2) approximately shortly after 5:00 pm PST https://www.bbc.co.uk/5live

Dr. Marjorie Griffin Cohen, GSWS Professor Emerita, has been announced as the Chair of the BC Fair Wages Commission.


GSWS 320 student project: Radio Documentary series, "I'm A Sex Worker"

Tune into 'Intravenus' on CJSF 90.1fm or stream live at: http://www.cjsf.ca this Wednesday, from 10-11am, to hear part 2 of our radio documentary series 'I'm A Sex Worker'.

To hear part one of the radio documentary series, click this link and then click 'playlists': http://www.cjsf.ca/contents/intravenus

Services needed for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning newcomers in Surrey: Study

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GSWS Professor, Dr. Jen Marchbank weighs in on the issue of gender free identification.

Effort to remove baby’s gender from health card advances equality: experts

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The Pride Report
City of Surrey moves toward progress

Featuring Dr. Jen Marchbank and GSWS Students

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GSWS faculty member Dr. Helen Leung and GSWS associate member Christine Kim discuss the Institute for Transpacific Cultural Research in the SFU FASS Magazine.  Click on the link below.

Christine Kim and Helen Leung on the Institute for Transpacific Cultural Research

~ SFU FASS Magazine

Watch Charis, a GSWS Masters student and the advisory groups' Graduate Student Society representative, discuss what has happened so far in the process and how you can give feedback on the draft policy.

Nathan Lyndsay awarded Rosemary Brown Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Justice

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Student Profiles

RWW Post Doc Profile

Ela Przybylo
Ruth Wynn Woodward Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-2019


Asexuality Studies Scholar and Feminist Editor

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Alumni Profile: Megan Bulloch, MA, GSWS
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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences alumni profile of Robert Bittner

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