annie ross

Indigenous Studies

Areas of interest

Rights and title, environmental justice, and testimonio as a means to remedy from past political oppressions; Indigenous art histories, technologies/studio/craft, weaving, poetry and poetics; and printmaking as part of a panoply, a canon, of what we mean when we say Indigenous Bioregionalisms.


  • PhD, Native American (Indigenous, First Nations) Studies & Painting, University of California
  • MA, Native American Art History, Museology, & Painting, University of Washington


Working within research, writing, studio creation, teaching, and community, with/in/for/along communities, annie ross (Maya, Irish) is concerned with Land, Land Forever, Responsibilities (Rights), Justice, Liberation and Remediation for/with all Living Beings. Her prints, paintings, and weavings are held in cultural and learning centers, in communities, and private collections. Author of two books and a contributor to journals and compilations, she is concerned with Indigenous bioregionalisms, the Indigenous modern craft movement, Indigenous art, history, poetry/poetics, testimonio, the self and community in Home/Land, Indigenous environmental practice, social and environmental justice, Indigenous sustainable technologies, grass-roots movements, in a very small way, attempting to work with others towards fulfillment of potential civil Rights/Responsibilities, for all to Live and Thrive.