Issue 11: "Art and Work"

This issue contains a collection of essays with themes or threads that may help us to think differently about how we can proceed in a world that feels like a slow-motion collapse. The pandemic has shown us the importance of care work, as well as the viability of a variety of alternatives in the way we approach work, from remote options to the implementation of some form of universal basic income (UBI). The re-envisioning of work, practically and aesthetically, has emerged as a prominent aspect of what we initially thought might be a post-pandemic world. With the prospective endemicity of COVID-19 and the deepening of climate change, the realization that there is no post, no beyond, no escape, requires a reorientation to the realities of the present as continuing, and in this context, alternatives move from experiments to strategies.

Part I: Art, Work, and Care

Part II: On the Work of Oskar Negt and Alexander Kluge