Issue 12: "Jerry Zaslove Memorial"

This issue of Contours is dedicated to the founding director of the Institute for the Humanities, Jerry Zaslove. It is drawn from a memorial event held by the Institute on November 10, 2021. The publication of this issue has been significantly delayed, due in part to larger circumstances but mostly to my own considerable limitations, about which Jerry would unfailingly have been kind. The release of this issue has, however, fittingly become part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Institute, which are permeated with Jerry’s vital presence and legacy. Included here is a short introductory statement from the 2021 memorial event. Normally, I would go on to describe the contents of the issue, but I think it more appropriate to leave the heartfelt words of the contributors to speak for themselves. Instead, this editorial introduction will be composed of an improvised photo collage, an assembly of images and fragments, with contributions from those who could not find the words. My hope is that Jerry would have appreciated the gesture.

Jerry Zaslove Memorial