Sabine Bitter

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
School for Contemporary Arts

Areas of interest

Visual Art


Vancouver-and Vienna based artist Sabine Bitter addresses the politics of how cities, architecture and urban territories are made into images. Collaborating with Helmut Weber, and mainly working in the media of photography and spatial installations, her research-oriented practice engages with specific moments and logics of urban and social change.

Dealing with architecture and its spatial meaning, their ongoing research has focused on universities and other spaces of pedagogies, forms of housing and self-management, spatial justice, and the militant image.

Selected exhibitions include: 2023, Darkroom Educational Modernism at nGbk Station urbaner Kulturen Berlin; 2021, Bitter & Weber: Performing Educational Modernism, SAAG, Lethbridge; Education Shock, HKW Berlin; 2020, Spaces of No Control, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York; 2019, Making Ruins, Republic Gallery, Vancouver; Urban Zones, FOTO Vienna; 2018, Camera Austria International, Museum of Modern Art, Salzburg; The Island is What the Sea Surrounds, Valetta, Malta; “Structures of Thought” Structura Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 2004, they formed the urban research collective Urban Subjects with Canadian writer Jeff Derksen and have collaborated on publications, curatorial projects, symposia, and public event.


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.