The Visualization Lab at the IRMACS Centre

Visualization ImageIRMACS, in collaboration with WestGrid, has created a visualization lab for researchers at SFU. This lab is targeted at those researchers who require visualization at a scale that is beyond what they can achieve on their own desktop or within their own laboratories but do not require the level of capability provided by the Presentation Studio.

The IRMACS visualization lab contains a high-resolution 30 LCD display (Apple Cinema Display at 2560x1600 pixels) for high resolution visualization, a lab-scale immersive 3D visualization system (passive stereo CyViz Viz3D system), and a 3x2 tiled LCD display (3840x2048 pixels). These systems target the day-to-day visualization needs of IRMACS researchers that go beyond desktop visualization.

Refer to the IRMACS visualization infrastructure page for more information on how to use the visualization lab or contact the IRMACS Centre for more information.