IRMACS Compute Canada Support

In order to support IRMACS researcher's computational needs, the IRMACS Centre has establihed a Compute Canada resource allocation. A Compute Canada resource allocation provides researchers that belong to the IRMACS Compute Canada research project prioirty access to Compute Canada resources. The current IRMACS Compute Canada Resource Allocation (CCRA) provides IRMACS researchers with priority access to 200 core years of computation (the equivalent of a 200 core cluster) and 20 TBs of backed up storage. All IRMACS users are eligible to access the IRMACS CCRA.

Creating a Compute Canada account

In order to make use of the IRMACS CCRA an IRMACS user must go through the standard Compute Canada application procedure. Although this process requires a bit of time and effort, there is no cost for an account on Compute Canada resources. Once you have applied for a Compute Canada account and been approved for membership in the IRMACS project (this approval is done by IRMACS) you will have access to the above resources.

In order to apply for a Compute Canada account under the IRMACS CCRA, please follow the directions on the IRMACS CCRA Application Page.

Using the IRMACS Compute Canada Resource Allocation

Once you have a Compute Canada and WestGrid account set up (see above) you can the access the CCRA on Compute Canada equipment. The IRMCS CCRA exists on the machine Although you can log in and submit jobs to any WestGrid machine using your WestGrid/Compute Canada account, you will only have access to the CCRA on bugaboo.

Logging in to bugaboo and submitting jobs will enable you to have access to the IRMACS CCRA, including higher priority scheduling on the 100 core allocation to IRMACS. Job sumbission on WestGrid systems is almost identical to job submission on the IRMACS cluster, including the use of modules to set up the environment for specific software systems. You should be able to copy your job submission scripts to WestGrid machines and submit jobs with very few changes. Please refer to the WestGrid web resources below for more information about using WestGrid systems.

If you have questions about utilizing the IRMACS CCRA please send email to help @

If you have issues with bugaboo (job submission system, software installs) email help @ and CC support @ The actual software install will be performed by Compute Canada staff.

If you are interested in learning more about Compute Canada and WestGrid, the Western Canada Compute Canada consortium, please follow the relevant links below.