J. Thewalt Lab

A spectacular view of the ocean in Vancouver


Situated in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, our lab at Simon Fraser University is involved in interdisciplinary research in biophysics and biochemistry.

Peace Arch stands between us and the United States


Peace Arch Crossing is the border between us and the United States. We are interested in studying nature's own border patrol - the cell membrane. We study the physical behavior of lipid molecules in model membranes using deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance (2H NMR) spectroscopy. We want to understand the nano-scale molecular interactions that lipids have with each other and their environment.

Recent Projects

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Dentist probes
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Meet us in Person


We will be mingling with biophysicists across the Pacific Northwest at Frontiers in Biophysics on Jun 4, 2016. Hope to see you there.

Past Conference

Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 2014

Missed us at the 58th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting? Download our poster on fluorescent probes here.

Sherry Leung's poster



Joanne Mercer joins us with her background in nanotechnology, as our lab embarks on a new adventure into nanomedicine.



Congratulations to Sherry Leung for receiving the Biophysical Society’s Committee for Professional Opportunities for Women travel award.