The MAGPIE Research Group develops mathematical tools connecting sequence data to ecology and evolution, with a focus on infectious diseases.


Spring 2020 Events

Date Time  Location Series Speaker Title
January 20 4:00 1410 Segal Room, Harbour Centre FHS Research Seminar

Prabhakaran Dorairaj, Public Health Foundation of India

Why do we need a life course approach to address the cardiovascular disease burden worldwide?
January 22 1:45 UBC ESB 4133 UBC Math Biology Seminar Clinton Durney, University of British Columbia 3D Modelling of Salivary Gland Invagination
January 23 6:00 UBC Medical Student Alumni Centre (2750 Heather St.) VanBUG Seminar Raymond Ng, University of British Columbia Deep learning for Biomedical and Bioinformatics Research
January 24 3:30 SFU ASB 10900 SFU Omics Seminar Caroline Colijn, Simon Fraser University

Genomic data and vaccine design in pneumococcus

January 29 1:45 UBC ESB 4133 UBC Math Biology Seminar Sumreen Javed, University of British Columbia Role of Invadopodia in Tumor Dissemination through the Lymphatic System
January 30 12:00 9920 Blusson Hall FHS Research Seminar Jennifer Gardy, The Gates Foundation's Malaria Team Towards Digital Pathogen Surveillance
February 5 1:45 UBC ESB 4133 UBC Math Biology Seminar Lewis Liu, University of British Columbia Selection Mechanism in Bacteria Collective Migration - Who's left behind?
February 7 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM SFU ASB 10900 SFU Omics Research Day Various, including a keynote by William Noble, University of Washington Learning embeddings of bulk and single-cell genomic data for imputation and multi-omic integration
February 12 1:45 UBC ESB 4133 UBC Math Biology Seminar Fred Brauer, University of British Columbia A singular perturbation approach to epidemics of vector-transmitted disease
February 27 12:00 9920 Blusson Hall FHS Research-in-Progress Talk Peter Cheung, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Development of Novel Antiviral Reagents Target HIV-1 RNA Processing
March 5 12:00 9920 Blusson Hall FHS Research Seminar 3 Panelists from UBC: Adriana Briseño-Garzón, Kari Grain, and Kyle Nelson The state of experimental education at UBC and the impact on community engaged learning
Please check back soon for a complete list of Spring 2020 seminars and events.