The following is a collection of resources that can help convey background to the research being conducted by our group. A list of guiding resources for scienitific writing are also available at the end.

BC COVID-19 Modelling Group

The BC COVID-19 Modelling Group works on rapid response modelling of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a special focus on British Columbia and Canada.The interdisciplinary Group was convened by Caroline Colijn (SFU) and Dan Coombs (UBC) with support from the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.

BC COVID-19 Modelling Group Website

Book Recommendations


Modern Statistics for Modern Biology. Susan Holmes and Wolfgang Huber. 2019. (Link

Regression Modeling Strategies. Frank E. Harrell , Jr. 2015. (Link)

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis. Christian Heumann, Michael Schomaker, and Shalabh. 2016. (Link)

Machine Learning/Data Science

An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R. James, Hastie, Witten, and Tibshirani. 2013. (Link)

The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction. Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman. 2009. (Link)  

Introduction to Deep Learning. Sandro Skansi. 2018. (Link)

An Introduction to Machine Learning. Miroslav Kubat. 2017. (Link)

Introduction to Data Science. Laura Igual and Santi Seguí. 2017. (Link)

Linear and Nonlinear Programming. David G. Luenberger and Yinyu Ye. 2016. (Link)


A Primer on Mathematical Models in Biology. Lee Segel and Leah Edelstein-Keshet. 2013. (Link)

Differential Calculus for the Life Sciences. Leah Edelstein-Keshet. 2020. (Link

Applied Linear Algebra. Peter J. Olver and Chehrzad Shakiban. 2018. (Link)

Biological Topics

Infectious Diseases of Humans: Dynamics and Control. Roy Anderson and Robert May. 1992. (Link)

Inferring Phylogenies. Joseph Felsenstein. 2003. (Link)

Phylogenetics in the Genomic Era. Celine Scornavacca, Frédéric Delsuc, and Nicolas Galtier. 2020. (Link)

Phylogenomics. Christoph Bleidorn. 2017. (Link)

Modeling Life. Alan Garfinkel, Jane Shevtsov, and Yina Guo. 2017. (Link)

Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biologists. Bernhard Haubold and Angelika Börsch-Haubold. 2017. (Link)

Applied Bioinformatics. Paul M. Selzer, Richard J. Marhöfer, and Oliver Koch. 2018. (Link)

Online Resources



PANGEA Consortium:

Writing Resources

There are many scientific and academic writing resources and services available for SFU students, staff, and faculty. Some services for graduate students are linked here:

            Academic writing, reading, speaking, listening and English Language Learner support available

            Connect with other graduate writers, QnA forums, and share resources

  • Thesis Writing Group (Online)

            Fridays 9 am - 12 pm PST

            Set goals and write with the quiet presence and support of other writers

            Send an email to Robyn Long to join (

            Workshops offered to learn how to create quality writing for graduate students 

Some SFU recommended resources:

            Style, clarity, and paraphrasing

            Book in the SFU Library Catalogue

            Video tutorials 

Recommended technical writing resources:

Duke Scientific writing resource:

MIT technical writing guide:

Some other helpful resources: