Summer 2019 - EDUC 480 D100

Designs for Learning: French as a Second Language (4)

Class Number: 4211

Delivery Method: In Person


  • Course Times + Location:

    Mo, We 8:30 AM – 12:20 PM
    EDB 7506, Burnaby

  • Prerequisites:

    EDUC 401/402 or corequisite EDUC 403.



Deals with a variety of approaches, teaching strategies and curricula, for teaching French as a second language in elementary and secondary schools. Students with credit for EDUC 480W may not take this course for further credit.


This course is designed for PDP students who are not French language specialists. Instruction will be given primarily in English, although there will be the opportunity for students to practice and improve their French language skills, and to experience activities in French.


Students will:

  • Develop a better understanding of the historical and actual context of the teaching of French as a Second Language in the B.C. public school system;
  • Examine the theoretical framework of teaching and learning of a second language;
  • Familiarize themselves with the BC Core French Curriculum and use it in their planning of lessons and units;
  • Develop abilities in teaching and testing language features and skills;
  • Acquire practical experience in the communicative/experiential method of second language teaching.


  • Response Log 30%
  • Action-Oriented Unit Plan 25%
  • Unit Plan Presentation 15%
  • Authentic Documents Evaluation 30%


Assignments are subject to changes.  A detailed outline of the assignments will be distributed the first day of classes.


**IMPORTANT - Cultural Outing embedded in the course **

Students will attend a cultural event related to Francophone cultures and French language (in lieu of the class on Monday June 3). Event will be selected by students themselves from a list created in collaboration with the instructor. Notice of risk: This course involves a required non-classroom activity. The risks associated with this activity are low and a field trip orientation to the possible risks involved will be provided in class.

Course fee will vary depending on activity chosen by students.



The BC Ministry of Education Curriculum for Core French

Readings will be available on Canvas

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