Spring 2020 - CA 332 E100

Film Production Seminar (3)

Class Number: 8638

Delivery Method: In Person


  • Course Times + Location:

    Tu 6:30 PM – 9:20 PM
    GCA 4955, GOLDCORP

  • Instructor:

    Kathleen Hepburn
    Office: GC 3853
    Office Hours: By Appointment
  • Prerequisites:

    CA (or FPA) 231 or prior approval.



Facilitates an in-depth understanding of the organizational aspects of film production, with emphasis on pre-production planning. The class will study methods of proposal writing, pre-production and production, developing production packages for short film and video projects. This course is strongly recommended for all students intending to take CA 430. Students with credit for FPA 332 may not take this course for further credit.


This course will be a survey of various aspects of prep, production, and development of short and feature length films. Emphasis will be placed on creative and career development, financing models, and logistical prep for production with some focus on creative research, and project pitching. Students will be expected to hone their grant writing, and proposal skills, through the creation of detailed pre-production packages for their proposed fourth year film projects. Individual assignments will be a mix of practical exercises and creative exploration, with the goal of strengthening their ability to communicate the creative vision for their work and to gain a cohesive understanding of the various aspects of development, prep, and larger scale production.


  • Artistic Goal Plan 10%
  • Project Synopsis & Logline 10%
  • Artist's Statement 20%
  • Production Pitch Package / Verbal Pitch 40%
  • Respectful Engagement (with the work, with the instructor, and with your classmates, making space for others to be heard, meeting deadlines) 10%
  • Mock Funding Application 10%

Registrar Notes:

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