Summer 2023 - EDUC 326 D300

Creating Positive Learning Communities (3)

Class Number: 4898

Delivery Method: In Person


  • Course Times + Location:

    Location: TBA

  • Prerequisites:

    One of EDUC 100, 220, 230, or 240; or EDUC 401/402, or corequisite EDUC 403.



Prepares student teachers to design positive learning environments in K-12 classrooms. The focus will be on practical approaches to creating a space in which students and teachers can work successfully together toward common goals.


The main goal of this course is to enable you to design a positive learning environment, where you and your students can engage in meaningful work together. You will be provided with opportunities to explore contemporary approaches to classroom management, including the theories behind several common management models. You will also revisit and reconsider some of your classroom experiences, informed by readings, case studies and classroom discussions.


  • Essential Understandings:

  • Creating a positive learning community, where students and teachers are engaged in meaningful work, is a complex and ongoing process. It involves intentional consideration of relationships, organization and an understanding of learning and development.
  • As teaching is an expression of self (Palmer), so too is classroom management. The classroom management model we implement is underpinned by particular values and goals.
  • Engaging in reflective practice results in a better understanding of oneself as an educator.
  • Course Outcomes:

  1. With theoretical lenses, critically engage in reflective practice of classroom experiences.
  2. Synthesize theory and reflective practice in planning for a positive learning community.
  3. Understand how particular theories underpin classroom management approaches and how they are a reflection of our values.

    Writing Expectations:

    All writing must demonstrate English language proficiency and will be assessed for grammar, mechanics, usage and style.  Please remember that your writing is a model for children and should be clear, relevant and concise.  You are encouraged to ask your peers for feedback/support with written expression and editing. 


  • Weekly Assignments 20%
  • Classroom Management Model 20%
  • Case Studies 25%
  • Portfolio: Plan for a Positive Learning Community 35%


Course Times & Location:
May 8 - June 19

Mondays Fort St John Campus Room TBA  9:30-12:20
Wednesdays Dawson Creek Campus Room TBA  9:30 – 12:20   

Attendance & Participation:

This constitutes not only attending class in person, but also the engaged presence that you bring to class.  It is expected that you have engaged, critiqued, and reflected upon assigned readings and are able to discuss them during class.      



SFU Online access of Emmer, E., & Sabornie, E.J. (Eds.). (2014). Handbook of Classroom Management (2nd ed.). Routledge.

Other readings will be available on Canvas

Course text TBA


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