Summer 2023 - EDUC 477 D100

Designs for Learning: Art (4)

Class Number: 4480

Delivery Method: In Person


  • Course Times + Location:

    May 8 – Aug 4, 2023: Wed, 1:30–5:20 p.m.

  • Prerequisites:

    EDUC 401/402 or corequisite EDUC 403.



Introduces students to the main ideas, skills, materials, resources, understandings and organizational concerns involved in teaching art in schools.


This course proposes to explore arts-related educational practices as a form of collective and individual inquiry, informed by structured course content as much as by the interests and responses of course participants. The intention is to balance traditional and contemporary approaches to arts-related practices with the student's own speculation as to how the arts might be defined and explored in diverse educational contexts, including (but not restricted to) K12 education, art therapy, community outreach programs, and professional accreditation programs. Guided in-class exercises, assigned readings and projects, and group and individual work will facilitate a clearer articulation of the student's interpretation of how arts-related activities and research can be meaningfully incorporated into both learning and teaching. Primary conditions informing arts practices will be explored as well as the “nuts and bolts” of processes involved in select media and education-related concerns.


  1. Greater understanding of contemporary and historical contexts leading to arts-related practices as a formal approach to learning and teaching.
  2. Critical examination of the varying definitions and aims of arts-related practices.
  3. Clearer articulation of the student's own conception of the potential aims and benefits of arts-related activities, and how this might inform personal and community development in the context of education.


  • Portfolio Website (Documented work throughout the semester) 40%
  • Group Research Project 20%
  • Media Maker Commons Project 20%
  • Individual Research Project 20%


Part of this course is predicated on direct response to guided in-class exercises, and also meaningfully engaged discussion with peers. The culminating form of the portfolio and the Individual Research Project will be arrived at incrementally through engaged participation throughout the term, so attendance is particularly important.


Detailed instructions and support for a simple online portfolio will be provided – no special web design experience necessary! The process of developing the site will be integrated with the themes we will explore throughout the term.



Assignments have been designed to use simple, inexpensive materials. Some materials for in-class assignments will be supplied; some materials will be determined by the student's response to project guidelines.


All assigned readings will be available online or made available by the instructor through Canvas.


A bibliography of recommended readings and videos (outside of assigned materials) will be made available by the instructor and supplemented by the class throughout the semester.


Your personalized Course Material list, including digital and physical textbooks, are available through the SFU Bookstore website by simply entering your Computing ID at:

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