Summer 2023 - INDG 101 OL01

Introduction to Indigenous Studies (3)

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Delivery Method: Online


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Introduces the nature and goals of Indigenous Studies as an academic discipline that emphasizes cultures and homelands of First Peoples. Students with credit for FNST 101 may not take this course for further credit. Breadth-Humanities/Social Sciences.


This course surveys pre-contact, historic and current events relating to the First Peoples of Turtle Island and the impacts that contact/colonization had/have on First Peoples’ survivance and futurity. Students will consider Indigenous perspectives of family, languages and connections to the land, oral traditions, community identities, resilience, revitalization, along with their own roles and responsibilities in reconciliation. Students will deliberate on the impacts of laws and policy making on First Peoples’ lives and the actions that Indigenous Peoples continue to take to counter these detrimental forces toward ensuring their Nations’ and Territories’ futurities. Indigenous practices that center on the building of respectful relationships will be utilized throughout the semester towards providing an environment that is conducive to taking up, in meaningful ways, the work that needs to be done by all before reconciliation can begin.


Through honouring and engaging with Indigenous protocols and processes students will:

  • practice two-eyed seeing in considering the relationships between First Peoples, their Lands and ways and the ongoing effects of colonization
  • come to understand their roles and responsibilities in reconciliation
  • learn and engage with anti-colonial thinking, writing, speaking, acting
  • engage with wholistic approaches to comprehend one call to action


  • Small Group Code of Conduct 10%
  • Thoughtful Thursdays 5%
  • Discussion Boards 15%
  • Bi-weekly Quizzes 50%
  • Term Paper 20%


Because this is a remotely-delivered online course, a computer or laptop and a stable internet service across the entire semester is required. Quizzes as well as individual/small group participation assignments occur asynchronously online with deadlines in place for all.



All recorded lectures and videos are available through the INDG101 OL01 Canvas site.


There is no text; all readings are available online through Canvas

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