SFU Burnaby Campus from the air

"Lot Full" scenarios in the Outdoor parking lots

Since the 2nd week of September, Outdoor lots C and sometimes B have reached "lot full" status. This was unanticipated as there have been no significant changes to parking sales/supply as compared to Fall 2013. (at no time have all Outdoor spaces been full)

Parking Services is:

1) Stationing staff in the lots to monitor occupancy and direct traffic should the lots fill.

2) Working with Facilities Services to create additional spaces within the lots.

3) Monitoring general activity to determine if this is a one-time issue or an ongoing problem that will be dealt with.

As an Outdoor permit holder:
1) If you arrive after 10:30AM C Lot is likely full so proceed to one of the other Outdoor lots (B Lot or Discovery P3) rather than circling within C Lot.

2) The Outdoor lot of Discovery P3 always has a significant number of free spaces. Try this lot to determine if it is actually closer to your place of work/study than parking at the end of B Lot.

Carpooling Information

Check out a new carpooling system designed by former SFU students: go2gether.ca