Traffic notices

Watch for equipment and construction crews at the areas listed below and always obey signs, traffic controls, and traffic control personnel.

For questions regarding traffic notices, please contact Mike Spencer at

Dec 2020 - July 2022 University Drive West and Parkade Temporary Roadway Interruptions


December 2020 - July 2022 


1. The section of University Drive West between Gaglardi Way and West Campus Road.

2. The north access road to and from the West Parkade.

3. Visitor North (VN) parking lot.

Refer to the map.

Work to be completed:

Construction of the SFU Residences, Phase 2.

Expected interruption:

1. Traffic delays along University Drive West can be expected when construction vehicles are entering and exiting the construction site.

2. Alternating single lane traffic control may be expected along University Drive West. 

3. The West Parkade access road will be lessened to two lanes (1 lane in and 1 lane out).

4. The crosswalks at the intersection of University Drive West and the West Parkade access road will be temporarily removed for the construction period to accommodate construction activities.

5. The elevated sidewalk on the west side of the West Parkade access road will be removed.

6. A section of the VN parking lot has been blocked off and will be used as a construction staging area. Public parking in the fenced area will not be available during the project period.

Refer to the map.


1. Transit bus routing and scheduling is not expected to be affected by this project.

2. A temporary (separated) pedestrian path will be set up along the east side of the West Parkade access road to maintain pedestrian routing between the parkade and the sidewalk north of the West Mall Centre. Pedestrians are asked to cross University Drive West at the intersection with Gaglardi Way.

3. During the work day, traffic control personnel will be on site to assist cyclists and pedestrians with detour routing.

3. Transit bus routing and scheduling is not expected to be interrupted by the above.

Watch for equipment, construction vehicles, signs and crew working in the above areas.