Simon Fraser University courses

Course number Course title
FNST 442 Directed Readings in FNST
FNST 403 Indigenous Knowledge in the Modern World
FNST 402 The Discourse of Native Peoples (in Kamloops and Old Massett)
FNST 401 Aboriginal Peoples and Government Relations
FNST 333 Aboriginal Treaties and Treaty Negotiations
FNST 332 Ethnobotany of BC First Nations
FNST 322 Applied First Nations Traditional Skills
FNST 301 Applied Issues in First Nations Studies Research
FNST 201 Aboriginal Peoples’ Perspectives on History
FNST 101 The Cultures, Languages and Prehistories of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples
FNLG 200 Introduction to Grammar in a First Nations Language
FNLG 300 Advanced Grammar – Secwepemctsin
FNLG 158 Beginners Immersion (with Secwepemc elders)
FNLG 258 Intermediate/Advanced Secwepemctsin Immersion (with Secwepemc elders)
FNLG 130 Practical Phonetics (Haida, Secwepemctsin)
LING 360 Linguistics and Language Teaching
LING 482W Advanced Composition and Literacy – Secwepemctsin, Haida
LING 340 Multimedia Design for First Nations Languages

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Courses taught at other universities

Course number Course title
FNST 421 Haida Song and Poetry. University of Northern BC. Skidegate, Spring 2017.
FNLG 3100 Advanced Secwepemctsin Immersion (with Bridget Dan, Cecilia DeRose and Clara Camille). Thompson Rivers University, Williams Lake campus (taught at Tyee Lake Camp)

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