Training of Highly Qualified Personnel

My students and postdocs are typically very successful and in high demand, both in academia and in industry. For example, joint work with E. Maharshak won a Best Paper Award, Manuel Zahariev was awarded the Gold Medal Award for his 2004 PhD dissertation; Andrew Fall received the Graduate Prize in Computing Science; Joeg Ueberla received the CSS Best Paper Award, Alma Barranco-Mendoza, whose PhD thesis was nominated for two awards, now teaches at Trinity Western U. and is its CIO (only a handful of CIOs in North America are women, very few as young as Alma, and almost none non-Caucasian); Kimberley Voll just landed her dream job at SFU (at the Centre for Digital Media) after a successful several years as instructor both at SFU and UBC, 

Stephen Rochefort teaches at Royal Roads University, Charles Brown at UNBC, Jamie Andrews at Western Ontario, Maryam Bavarian is a Software Engineer at Elastic Path Software Inc., Craig Larman is a consultant and a well-published author, Manuel Zahariev is CTO at Tyze Personal Networks Ltd., and so on. Supervision to me means inspiring and empowering my students and PDFs to follow their scientific dream with focus and imagination and to dare aim high, and giving them the tools to do so.