Current Electric Trolleybus Routes

**Note: Most listings here are incomplete pending further information. Please send in any information that you might have.

I am gradually moving the routes site of each known city to the photo page of each city.

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Photo by Ian Fisher, computer manipulation by Ken Josephson


Ancona Routes

Anshan Routes

Aqtöbe Routes

Arnhem Routes

Athens Routes

Baia Mare Routes

Babruysk Routes

Banská Bystrica Routes

Basel Routes

Beijing Routes

Beograd Routes

Bergen Routes

Bern Routes

Bologna Routes

Boston Routes

Braila Routes

Brasov Routes

Bratislava Routes

Brno Routes

Bucharest Routes

Budapest Routes

Cagliari Routes

Changchun Routes

Chelyabinsk Routes

Chis,inâu Routes

Chomutov-Jirkov Routes

Chongqing Routes

Chelyabinsk Routes

Cherkassy Routes

Chernigiv Routes

Chieti Route

C^eské Bude^jovice Routes

Cluj Routes

Coimbra Routes

Cordoba Routes

Cremona Routes (Now Closed as of 2001)

Daikando Murodo Route

Dalian Routes

Dayton Routes

Debrecen Routes

Des Moines Routes

Dnipropetrivsk Routes

Donetsk Routes

Dzerzhinsk Routes

Eberswalde Routes

Edmonton Routes

Esslingen Routes

Fribourg Routes

Galati Routes

Gdynia Routes

Geneva Routes

Gomel Routes

Gorlivka Routes

Grenoble Routes (Closed in 2002/3??. See former routes)

Guangzhou Routes

Hangzhou Routes


Innsbruck Routes

Jinan Routes

Jihlava Routes

Kaliningrad Routes

Kapfenburg Routes

Kemerovo Routes

Khimki Routes

Khabarovsk Routes

Khaskovo Routes

Khimki Routes

Khmel'nits'kij Routes

Kiev Routes

Krasnodar Trolleybus Routes

Kurobe Dam Route

La Chaux-de-Fonds Routes

La Spezia Routes

Lasi Routes

Lausanne Routes

Limoge Routes

Linz Routes

Lublin Routes

Luoyang Routes

Luzern Routes

Lyon Routes

Marseille Routes

Medias, Routes

Mendoza Routes

Mexico City Routes

Milan Routes

Minsk Trolleybus Routes

Modena Routes

Montreux Routes

Moscow Routes

Naples ANM Routes

Naples CTP Routes

Naryn Routes

Neuchatel Routes

Orël Routes

Ostrava Routes

Pardubice Routes

Parma Routes

Philadelphia Routes

Piraeus Trolleybus Routes

Plzhen Routes

Podolsk Routes

Qarahandy Routes

Qingdao Routes

Qiqihar Routes

Recife Routes

Riga Routes

Riga Routes (Vadims)

Rimini Routes

Rosario Routes

Salzburg Routes

San Francisco Routes

San Remo Routes

Sao Paulo SPT Routes

Sao Paulo EMTU Routes

Satu Mare Routes

Schaffhausen Routes

Seattle Routes (KCMetro)

Seattle Route (Sound Transit)

Shanghai Routes

Sibiu Routes

Simferopol Routes

Sofia Routes

Solingen Routes

St. Etienne Trolleybus Routes

St. Gallen Trolleybus Routes

Suceava Trolleybus Routes

Szeged Trolleybus Routes

Taiyuan Trolleybus Routes

Tallinn Trolleybus Routes

Targoviste Trolleybus Routes

Tehran Trolleybus Route

Teplice Trolleybus Routes

Tianjin Trolleybus Routes

Timis,oara Trolleybus Routes

Tomsk Trolleybus Routes

Tychy Trolleybus Routes

Ulaanbaatar Trolleybus Routes

Ulyanovsk Trolleybus Routes

Vancouver Trolleybus Routes

Varna Trolleybus Routes

Vitebsk Trolleybus Routes

Wellington Trolleybus Routes

Winterthur Routes

Xi'an, China Trolleybus Routes

Wuhan Trolleybus Routes

Zhilina trolleybus Routes

Zürich Trolleybus Routes


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Former Electric trolleybus Routes

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