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16 AU 1948 — Operating


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V-60-logo  bce logo  

Decal commemorating 60 years of trolleybus service in Vancouver, BC Electric logo which appeared on all buses until BCHydro took over the system, Translink logo.
BCE logo submitted by Peter McLaughlin from the collection of Peter Cox.

Van-PS.2503 Upper photo: Pullman-Sandard 2503. is eastbound on route 41, probably crossing Cambie) to the Victoria and 41st Loop, the then terminus.Lower Photo: Pullman-Sandard 2503 somewhere on 41st Ave. heading toward the loop 'Victoria too 41st'.. Dates and photographers unknwon. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion. From the collection of Rob Chew.

2040 Flyer 2807 in BCTel total paint scheme "bundles." Photo by Alan Mihatov. 1998?

V-Ghost paint The "Ghost" trolley. The interim paint scheme of BCT trolleys before new paint scheme to be decided by the Coast Mountain BusLink. Note that one of the vehicle numbers is incorrect. Which one is correct is unknown. Photo by Terry Muirhead. 1998?

V-2040 Brill 2040 at 50th Year Event. Photo by Richard DeArmond. 15 AUG 1998.  

V-2050 CCF-Brill 2050 when it was brand new. Photographer unknown. 1948. Courtesy City of Vancouver Archives.

V-2158 NFI-LFR 2158 southbound on route 10. Photo by George Nasos. AU 2007.

V-TC-935 Seattle Twin Coach 935 on loan to BCER (Vancouver) for testing. BCER was curious about trolleybuses and the first line opened in 1948. There was a similar test in Victoria, but trolleys were not ordered for Victoria. Photographer unknown. 1946?

V-2505 NFI articulated trolley signed as 351 Crescent Beach. Angus McIntyre was driving 2505. It was signed as 351, probably at the request of Dennis Tsang, the photographer. 2 MAR 2008.  

V-Angus-09 Angus posing with 2040 at Dunbar and W. 22nd Ave., the bus stop used by Angus and his friends, on the second fan trip of the year. Photo by Ian Fisher. 16 AUG 2009.

These two photos are in commemoration of Angus's 40 years of driving trolleys starting on 16 AUG 1969.

V-Ang-r1 Angus, our retiring fearless leader, posing in front of Flyer E901/2 2857. Photographer and date unknown.

V-Ang-r2 Angus posing by Brill 2040. I believe the photographer was Ian Fisher. 16 AUG 2009.

V-Ang-r2 Angus posing by NFI E40 at Nanaimo Stn at the terminus of route 7. Photographer and date unknown.

V-Angus-70 Keith Daubenspeck, Metro King County trolley driver; Angus, our fearless driver and Brian Kelly, former BCE/GVRD driver. The event was a fan trip. Photo by Wally Young. Circa 1970.

V-Ang-ret-1 Our fearless driver emeritus holding a placard designed in the shape of a bus stop sign commemorating his 41 years of service. This photo was taken at the start of his last revenue run, which was the 20 Victoria on NFI E60 2563. He completed three full runs and then he took 2563 to VTC. Photo by R. C. DeArmond. 30 MAY 2010.

V-2154 Brill 2154 southbound on Granville St. at Dunsmuir St. The was taken one month before Angus started training. Photo by Angus McIntrye. JUL 1969.

V-2209 Brill 2209 on Slocan St. just north of Kingsway on a snowy evening. Photo by Angus McIntyre. 1982.


Angus McIntyre celebrates 40 years as a bus driver!


 What If?

From Bill Volkmer's What-If department. Thanks to Dave Mewhinney:

Brill Niagara Left: A Vancouver Brill passing underneath a Niagara, St. Catherines & Toronto car.

Brill Portland Right: A Vancouver Brill passing a Portland Max car.



cartoon 1 Vancouver Sun, 13 JAN 1999.

cartoon2 "I hear it's 'linked' to more debt." Vancouver Sun, 5 APR 1999.


Vancouver Night Fan Trip 60 Sparking Video (Matthew Walker)

Video of last day of route 17 via the Granville bridge (17 APR 2011) and the return of route 17 via the Cambrie St. bridge (21 APR 2011). (Angus McIntyre). The reroute started in April 2006.

Video of E901A by Peter McLaughlin

Video of Angus's contribution to Vancouverstories125 (125 years of Vancouver's history)

Video of crash of a new Toyota Corolla into the rear end of a trolleybus on #10 Granville.

Sun Newspaper article on the above.


More photos of 2101 on Martin Parson's web site.

Maps of Vancouver Trolleybus System

TRAMS (The Transit Museum Society (local museum))

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