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SFU Cosmology People

SFU Cosmology Group, 2009/09/10
Alkistis Pourtsidou, Hasmik Hayrapetyan, Alireza Hojjati, Levon Pogosian, Andrei Frolov, Jun-Qi Guo, Aaron Berndsen (2009/09/10)


Name Interests Position E-Mail Office
Andrei Frolov CMB, reheating, early Universe Associate Professor frolov P8456
Levon Pogosian dark energy, cosmic strings, CMB Associate Professor levon P8464
Howard Trottier high energy physics Professor trottier P8437


Name Interests Position E-Mail Office
Alireza Hojjati strong lensing, structure formation, dark energy tests PDF a_hojjati P8407

Graduate Students:

Name Supervisor Position E-Mail Office
Simerdeep Arora Levon Pogosian MSc ssarora P9426
Tomas Galvez Andrei Frolov PhD joseg P9426
Yun Li Levon Pogosian PhD yla289 P9426
Aaron Plahn Levon Pogosian PhD aplahn ...
Cheng Tang Andrei Frolov MSc cta63 ...
Shaojie Yin Andrei Frolov MSc sya9 P8481
Alex Zucca Levon Pogosian PhD azucca P9426
we are looking for new students at MSc or PhD level starting 2015

Undergrad Students:

Name Supervisor Position E-Mail Office
Micah Brush Levon Pogosian NSERC USRA mbrush ...
David Dobre Andrei Frolov NSERC USRA ddobre ...

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