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Tuesday, 5 February 2019, 15:00 in P8445B

Prof. Andrew Long (University of Michigan)

Dark photon dark matter from a network of cosmic strings

Although the evidence for a dark form of matter in the Universe is overwhelming, we still know next to nothing about its properties and interactions. In this talk I will suppose that dark matter is a condensate of ultra-light, spin-1 particles, known as dark photons, and I will discuss how dark matter is produced from a network of near-global, Abelian-Higgs cosmic strings.

Upcoming Seminars:

2019-02-05 15:00 in P8445B - Andrew Long (University of Michigan): Dark photon dark matter from a network of cosmic strings

Past Seminars:

2019-01-17 10:30 in P8445B - Gabor Kunstatter (University of Winnipeg): Lost Horizons: The Dynamics of Singularity Resolution in General Relativity
2018-11-21 15:30 in P8445B - Jia Liu (Princeton): Cosmology with massive neutrinos
2018-09-21 14:30 in AQ3150 - Rob Caldwell (Dartmouth College): Polarization of the cosmic gravitational wave background (physics colloquium)

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