Beyond offering statistical consulting, an aspect of PMC that is under construction is to set-up a variety of activities for graduate students in the department to participate in to obtain further experience with quantitative methods.

Participation with PMC

Beginning in January 2019, a mailing list ("pmc-announce") will be maintained to  discuss upcoming events, workshops, and potentially organize an information seminar series focusing on quantitative topics. If you wish to join the listserv, please contact Dr. Sigal and note that you need not be an expert in quantitative methods to participate.

Other potential future opportunties may include: conducting an RAship with PMC, hosting or helping TA workshops, or registering in a directed studies course.

Other Activities

Another way to obtain some additional experience with Quantitative Methods is to tutor undergraduate students in research methods and statistics. If you wish to be added to the tutor list (listed here), please contact Dr. Sigal