Building Equity and Justice into Models is a research project in collaboration with the Community Engagement Research initiative at Simon Fraser University.

Interdisciplinary professors and researchers from the ΔE+  group in the School of Sustainable Energy Engineering and the Resource and Environmental Planning program in the Faculty of Environment connected to engage communities in building energy models.

The primary objective of this project is to identify opportunities in our models to include metrics such as Equity, Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion(JEDI) to better address these issues. Since engineering-focused lenses usually overlook social metrics, we are working at the intersection of engineering and planning to address the real-life concerns of communities.

Aiming to add value to our modeling work, we need to interpret such qualitative criteria to quantitative metrics to define them as accurate formulas into energy models. That is why we are collecting indicators from various related resources and building creative frameworks to include in our model, not only for energy but for interconnections between Climate, Water and Land.


Researchers: Narges