Security Systems

This page highlights FAQs and information about the various security devices available and supported by Campus Security at SFU Burnaby.

Once you request a device, an on-site security survey is conducted to determine the best course of action to secure your area(s). Campus Security may recommend a different device than the one you requested if the survey determines that it better fits your needs based on our experience and expertise.

Similarly, if you have an area that needs to be secured, but you’re unsure which device(s) is needed, submit the request form and indicate this in the comments section. Security Services will then perform an on-site assessment and make recommendations.

Once you’ve received your device, the amount of control that you have as an administrator varies by device and application; details about administration and control of each device will be provided as part of the recommendation.


  1. To request a security device, fill out the Security Systems Request Form.

  2. Campus Security receives the request and performs an on-site security survey as schedules allow.

  3. The process of the security survey may include consultation with the requestor, Facilities Services, IT Services, Environmental Health and Safety, and contractors/vendors.

  4. Security surveys take approximately one to two weeks to perform.  If the matter is time-sensitive, please contact us directly to inform us of the request.

  5. The process involves the following steps:
    • Evaluating existing security measures
    • Interview with administrator of the area to determine usage of space and any necessary details
    • Identifying deficiencies
    • Establishing what, if any, added protection is needed
    • Recommending measures to enhance overall security, which may include but are not limited to:
      • Card readers
      • Motion detectors
      • Door contacts
      • Local audible alarm (siren)
      • PC Santis Alarms
      • Glass break detectors
      • CCTV cameras
      • Upgrade of existing keyway to Abloy High Security Keyway

Your request is processed by Campus Security once the survey has been conducted. This includes providing the requestor with a price estimate. If a departmental signing authority approves the estimate, work will begin based on the schedules of Campus Security, Facilities Services, IT Services, and any off-site contractors.

  • Once installed, Campus Security is responsible for the administration of the device including any associated programming or monitoring. Costs associated with maintenance and repair of the device in the event of failure are the responsibility of the requester.