Admission evaluation

How will my application for admission as a secondary school student be evaluated?

The best way to understand how your application will be evaluated is to

  • confirm that you have met the requirements; and
  • review how the courses you have completed compare to Lists A and B (see admission requirements).

Meet the general and program specific requirements

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Complete a minimum of five approved grade 12 courses

(six approved grade 12 courses for Ontario and Saskatchewan applicants)

  • Take the required courses for your program(s) of interest from List A, and then add additional List A and/or B courses.
  • Use the Admission Compass as a guide to determine what program(s) you are eligible to apply for for (the Admission Compass only available for BC/Yukon applicants).
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All approved courses matter

  • We are comprehensively evaluating your high school transcript.
  • All approved grade 11 and 12 courses will be used in the evaluation.
  • Courses not included: applied design, skills, and technologies*; career education; physical and health education; faith-based.

*Note: the following courses are approved: Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting, Engineering, and Mechatronics.

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Focus on List A courses

  • List A courses are program specific and help to support your success at SFU.
  • Greater emphasis is placed on List A courses in the evaluation.
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Explore within List A and B courses

  • SFU will remove one grade 12 course from the evaluation if you present six or more approved courses as follows:
    • If you present six or more approved List A courses, SFU will remove the lowest, non-required List A course.
    • If you present five or fewer List A courses, your lowest List B course will be removed.
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Course exceptions

  • If your school does not offer courses found on Lists A or B of your first choice program, or you are unable to take the courses due to personal circumstance, please complete the Student Course Exception Form.
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Course Completion

  • For current high school students who are applying to the Fall term, all courses to be considered in the admission evaluation must be completed and listed on your final high school transcript by June 30th. This is true of courses completed in person or via online/distance learning (DL). Ensure that your online provider submits your final grade to the Ministry of Education so that it appears on your final transcript.
  • Information on upgrading courses
  • If you repeat an approved grade 11 or 12 course within the secondary school system the higher course mark will be used for admission, either your first course attempt or your new mark.

    If you have already completed your grade 12 year and are upgrading or taking additional high school courses, then an official, final transcript must be submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions office by the document deadline. All courses must be complete by this deadline.

    NOTE: Upgraded high school courses completed at a College must be at the ABE level. Our office will not use a course upgraded at a College in the admission average calculation if the course was previously attempted in high school. For details, refer to the academic calendar.

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