Admission evaluation

How will my application for admission be evaluated?

The best way to understand how your application will be evaluated is to

  • confirm that you have met the requirements; and
  • review how the courses you have completed compare to Lists A and B (see admission requirements).

Meet the general and program specific requirements

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Complete a minimum of five approved grade 12 courses

  • Take the required courses for your program(s) of interest from List A, and then add additional List A and/or B courses.
  • Use the Admission Compass as a guide to determine what program(s) you are eligible to apply for.
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All approved courses matter

  • We are comprehensively evaluating your high school transcript.
  • For admission to Fall 2019, all approved grade 12 courses will be used in the admission evaluation.
  • For admission to Fall 2020, all approved grade 11 and 12 courses will be used in the evaluation.
  • Courses not included: applied design, skills, and technologies; career education; physical and health education; faith-based.
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Focus on List A courses

  • List A courses are program specific and help to support your success at SFU.
  • Greater emphasis is placed on List A courses in the evaluation.
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Explore within List A and B courses

  • SFU will remove one grade 12 course from the evaluation if you present 6 or more approved courses.
  • If you present 6 or more approved List A courses, SFU will remove the lowest, non-required List A course. Otherwise, your lowest List B course will be removed.
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Course exceptions

  • If your school does not offer courses found on Lists A or B of your first choice program, or you are unable to take the courses due to personal circumstance, please complete the Student Course Exception Form.
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Online Courses

  • To be used in the admission evaluation, online courses must be completed by January 31 and submitted to SFU in time to be evaluated.
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