International High School Students

Admission pathways to SFU

As an international high school student, there are two admission pathways to SFU. You can apply directly to SFU or to our pathway program for international students offered by Fraser International College, our on-campus partner institution.

Direct Admission to SFU

Direct admission is recommended for students with high academic standing. In addition to the grade requirements, students will need to meet our English Language, Quantitative and Analytical Skills, and any program-specific requirements.

Pathway program offered by Fraser International College

The FIC program is designed to introduce international students to the Canadian post-secondary school system and support them as they experience studying in Canada for the first time. It also prepares them to meet SFU’s competitive degree standards. Students will benefit from small class sizes and a supportive community of other international students. After completing this pathway program, students will be well equipped to complete their degree at SFU.

You can apply to both Simon Fraser University and Fraser International College concurrently to be considered for admission to both institutions.

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