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Accepted your offer of admission? Great! Now you can learn when and how to enroll for classes and take advantage of all of the orientation activities and resources set up to help you succeed in your first year at SFU. To begin, choose the term you'll be starting classes.


We'll be hosting a series of events for you to get to #KnowYourSFU community, with opportunities to meet staff, faculty and your peers.

We're currently in the planning stages for these events, so be sure to check back here or our #KnowYourSFU Events page at a later time. For now, stay up-to-date with relevant community information by following us on our social media channels below!

Plan your first year finances

Thinking about how you'll fund your tuition and other costs during your first year at SFU? Get an estimate of your education and living costs per term, and establish a budget for yourself by using our cost calculator! Learn how to offset some of these costs by looking into the financial aid and supports available to undergraduate students, and by exploring your income opportunities through SFU, or arrange to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor.

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Plan your first year finances