Last modified: February 02, 2012
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  Symposia on Heidegger and Marcuse

Reviews and Reply in Techne

Untangling Technology: A Summary of Andrew Feenberg's Heidegger and Marcuse [PDF] [web link]
John Farnum

Comments on Andrew Feenberg's Heidegger and Marcuse [PDF] [web link]
Daniel Dahlstrom

Feenberg on Marcuse: "Redeeming" Technological Culture [PDF] [web link]
Robert C. Scharff

Reply to Dahlstrom and Scharff [PDF] [web link]
Andrew Feenberg

Review and Reply in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science

Feenberg and STS: Counter-Reflections on Bridging the Gap [PDF]
Jeff Kochan

Symmetry, Asymmetry, and the Real Possibility of Radical Change [PDF]
Andrew Feenberg