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  Symposia on Questioning Technology

11th Biennial Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, San Jose, California, 1999

First Session [PDF]

1. From the Question Concerning Technology to the Quest for a Democratic Technology:   Heidegger, Marcuse, Feenberg (Iain Thomson, University of California, San Diego)
Inquiry, Summer 2000, pp. 225-238

2. Socially Constructed Technology:   Comments on Andrew Feenberg’s Questioning Technology
(David J. Stump, University of San Francisco)

3. Constructivism and Technology Critique: Replies to Critics (Andrew Feenberg, San Diego State University)

Second Session [PDF]

4. Whose Technology? Whose Modernity?: Questioning Feenberg's Questioning Technology
(Tyler Veak, Virginia Polytechnic)
Science, Technology and Human Values, Spring 2000, 238-242

5. Do We Need a Critical Theory of Technology? Reply to Tyler Veak
(Andrew Feenberg, San Diego State University)

Society for the Social Study of Science, San Diego, California, 1999

1. On failing to reach escape velocity beyond modernity: an essay review of Questioning Technology
(Fernando Elichirigoity, Long Island University)
Social Studies of Science, 30/1 (February 2000), 151-157 

2. Will the Real Posthuman Please Stand Up!  A Response to Fernando Elichirigoity
(Andrew Feenberg, San Diego State University)

American Philosophical Association, Western Division, Albuquer-que, New Mexico, 2000

First Session [PDF]

1. What’s Wrong with Being a Technological Essentialist?   A Response to Feenberg
(Iain Thomson, University of New Mexico)
Inquiry, 43, 431- 450 

2. The Ontic and the Ontological in Heidegger’s Philosophy of Technology: Response to Thomson
(Andrew Feenberg, San Diego State University)

Second Session [PDF]

3. What Sort of Ethics Does Technology Require?
(Gerald Doppelt, University of California, San Diego)
The Journal of Ethics, vol. 5, no. 2, 2001, pp. 157-195. 

4. Democratizing Technology: Interests, Codes, Rights (Andrew Feenberg, San Diego State University)