Stephen T. Easton
Professor of Economics

Office: WMC 3641
tel. 778-782-3565
fax. 778-782-5944


Office Hours are Wednesday 9:30-11:30 am and by appointment.

Course Materials: Fall 2020

   Economics 105: Introduction to Macroeconomics

   Economics 220W: Communication in Economics

   Economics 282: The Economics of Crime

   Economics 290: Canadian Microeconomic Policy

   Economics 342: International Trade

   Economics 345: International Finance

   Economics 382 - The Economics of Crime

   Economics 443: Seminar in International Trade

   Economics 448W:  The Economics of Crime

   Economics 450W Seminar in Quantitative Economic History
  International Studies 421

  International Studies 803

  International Studies MA(IL)  806:  Internship I

  International Studies 320: Problems of the International Economy


Publications (2017)

    CV and All Publications

        International Trade and Finance


       Crime, Law and Punishment

       Economic History

       Sports Economics

      Conventional and Unconventional Occasional Topics