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Sept. 2018 - Retired from Simon Fraser University
2014 - 2016 Dean {Pro Tem), Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (April 1, 2014 - September 1, 2014)
2013 - Associate Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (September, 2013 to August 2016)
2007 – 2010 Director of the School for the Contemporary Arts, Second Term
2001 – 2006 Director of the School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University First Term
2004 – Co-Director Computational Poetics Research Group. Three year SSHRC Research Creation Grant
1989 – 1992 Seconded (1/2 time) to the Centre for Image and Sound Research, Vancouver. Research Manager and Acting Director
1988 – 1989 Creative Director/Exhibition Designer, Music Machines Exhibition, British Columbia Science World (on leave from SFU)
1981 – Joined faculty Simon Fraser University: Currently at the rank of Professor teaching in music and film Areas of the School for the Contemporary Arts


1974 Bachelor of Arts with Distinction (Music & Film) Concordia
1977 Master of Arts (Communications) McGill University

Awards (selected)

2013 British Columbia Film and Media Grant for "The Veil of Nature" installation ($50,000)
2011 SSHRC Research/Creation Grant in Fine Arts for “The Secret Doctrine”; a three-year research project. Principal investigator. Co-investigator Patricia Gruben, collaborator Robert Gardiner and Ines Buchli. ($209,000)
2007 Beall Centre for art and Technology commission to the Computational Poetics Research Group ($25,000)
2004 SSHRC Research/Creation Grant in Fine Arts for “Computational Poetics”; a three-year research project. Principal investigator. Co-investigator Kenneth Newby, collaborator Aleksandra Dulic. ($167,000)
2003 Canada Council Grant for Specialized Music Sound Recording (On the Air) ($4,400)
2003 Canadian Music Centre Award: Centredisc label production of compact disc of electroacoustic works entitled “On the Air: Narrative Electroacoustic Music”
2002 Commission, CBC Radio One, for “Flights” ($1800)
2001 Commission, CBC Radio One, for “The Mystery of His Will” ($500)
2001 Winner, OutFront Aural Recall contest, CBC Radio for  “All the Knowing (Memory)”.
2001 Featured composer, selected by the Canadian League of Composers, Open Ears Festival, Kitchener, Ontario
2001 Travel Grant for Scholars: British Columbia Centre for International Education ($2000) for travel to Film & Television Institute of India at Pune
1997 SFU/SSHRC General Grant for Research into Performance and Real-Time Timbral Control for Algorithmic Music Generating Systems
1996 Innovations Fund (SFU): Zen & the Art of Audio (ZAP) and Music Fundamentals (BOOM) CDROM research. ($10,000)
1995 Commission from Vancouver New Music, for “The Balloonists” ($1000)
1994 President’s Research Grant for Action Music: composition and sensing system.
1994 Funds for Innovation in Education: Computer Lab for Music and Sound  ($61,000)
1987 (i) Canada Council Integrated Media Grant for “Ground Water” (with poet Colin Browne).
1987 (ii) Commission by Vancouver New Music Nov. 1987 (C.C. Music) “Khoros” with choreographer Maureen Wilde.
1974-1976 Quebec Government Graduate Scholarships
1973 Concordia Board of Governors Medal for Creative Work in the Auditory Arts
1972 Ella Moll Memorial Bursary, Department of Fine Arts, Concordia (Sir George Williams University)



The Machine's Four Humours in électro clips empreintes DIGITALes IMED-9004
• magic is chance  in Presence I Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) PeP-001
• A Palaver with Procrusties in  Presence II  (CEC) PeP-002
• Guitar with Hut20 in  DISContact II (CEC) 1995
• My G3 Wants to Kill Your Mama & Shifting Form (with Paul Plimley) musicworks 79
• balloon (ex.) in Presence III (CEC) PeP-003
• a Palaver with Procrusties (ex.) in electricities Canadian Music Centre Disc S4
• Flights in DISContact! III (CEC) PeP-007
• All the Knowing / balloon /The Mystery of His Will / On the Air / Flights released:
On the Air: narrative electroacoustic music by Martin Gotfrit Centredisc CMC 9904
• Hut20 released on SFU 40: Celebrating Electroacoustic Music at SFU 1965- 2005 Cambridge Street Records CSR CD 9501

Media (selected)

The World This Weekend, CBC 6 minute radio article on my composition system played on this Canadian Broadcasting Company journal.


see [works]

Papers & Panels (selected)

Co-Presenter, "The Veil of Nature: A Museum of Liminal Science" paper presentation with Patricia Gruben at the Conference on the Image, Berlin Germany Oct. 30, 2014
"FIlm to Theatre" a presentation with Patricia Gruben at the CeC 2013 Conference, Sattal, India Feb, 2013.
"eDance" with John Crawford, Digital Media and Learning Conference, La Jolla, California, Feb. 19, 2010
"Ghost in the Machine", Bodytech Symposium, University of California, Irvine, Feb. 22, 2010
Keynote Speaker, "Stereo", Acoustic Illusions event, Interactive Futures09 Conference, Nov. 2009
Co-Curator, moderator, co-presenter, CeC&CaC Conference, Indian International Centre, New Delhi, Feb. 2008
Co-Presenter, "Expanded Media Performance Techniques", a lecture demonstration at Cal(IT)2 auditorium, UC Irvine, April. 2007

Co-Curator, moderator, co-presenter, CeC&CaC Conference, Indian International Centre, New Delhi, Feb. 2007
Keynote speaker
, presenter, conference organizer: “Computational Poetics: A Logic Machines and Creative Process Gathering” Vancouver, GNW Campus May, 2006
Panelist: "Digital Cartographies" - Digital and New Media Festival @ UC Santa Cruz May 5, 2006
“Current Directions in Performance and Computational Poetics” Performance Interfaces Session: Martin Gotfrit, Kenneth Newby, Aleksandra Dulic. Transnet Conference. SFU. June 16, 2005Computational Poetics Workshop (Max/MSP) moderator: New Forms Festival 2004, Vancouver
"Computational Poetics: Expressive Complexity in Multiplicity" with Kenneth Newby & Aleksandra Dulic - New Forms Festival, Oct. 16/2004 Vancouver
"From Aural Ecologies to Ecologies of Media" Consciousness Reframed 6: Qi and Complexity Conference, Nov. 26, 2004, Beijing, China
Panel Presentation: Current Trends and Future Directions - Arts Culture Education Institute, SFU July 23, 04
“Home and Away” Conference Organizer with Maria Lopez (VAG) and Hank Bull (Centre A).  One-day conference symposium in support of the Home and Away exhibition. Oct. 25, 2003
"The Hegemony and History of the Hollywood Soundtrack". Lecture presented at the Film and Television Institute of India at Pune, July 2002.
"Film Sound and Music in the Context of Interactive Systems". Lecture series presented at Electronic Arts, Burnaby B.C., June 2002



Dance Department Residency UC Irvine, May 2008, June 2009, February 2010
Digital Media Arts Residency with Computational Poetics Research Group.
UC Irvine April 23 – 28th 2007.
Artist in residence, Digital and New Media Festival, UC Santa Cruz May 5 – 8th 2006

External Research Service (recent)

Co-Curator, CeC Conference, New Delhi, 2007, Adviser (current)
Jury member SSHRC Research and Creation Grants 2005
Internal External Reviewer, School of Communications External Review 2006
External Reviewer, University of Calgary Faculty of Fine Arts 2002
Jury member, Canadian Electroacoustic Community Young Emerging Sound Artist Composition 1999 - 2001
Jury member, Music Section (Commissions) Canada Council, 1998


Associate Composer, Canadian Music Centre
Founding Member, Canadian Electronic Community
Member, Guild of Canadian Film Composers
Member, Canadian League of Composers
Member of S.O.C.A.N.