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    Video documenation of a work for MIDI guitar and software. Performed October 2013, Theatre T, SFU Woodwards.
  Music for the Secret Doctrine  
Music for the July 2013 run of the play "THe Secret Doctrine". Featuring Jeff Corness (piano), Andreas Kahre ('cello) and Stefan Smulovitz (viola) as collaborators/performers. Martin Gotfrit fretless guitar and eBow guitar.
  Jumping from the Vostok  
Documentation (4/17/11) of a concert work for fretless MIDI guitar and electronics
  Winter Solstice 2009  
A short piece for a new MIDI guitar: About the winter and the decade just ending.

The River's Third Bank

Documentation of a recent concert work for MIDI guitar, fretless guitar and GitM system.

In the Cold Distance

Documentation of a song with lyrics by mIDI guitar Diamond. Features fretless guitar.


CBC commission commemorating the 1st anniversary of 911.
  Horn Please!
Recent 8 channel concert work - 2 channel reduction.
  The Screens
Score for theatre work.
Documentation of live performance work for GitM system (1998).
Studio version of concert work - features GitM system.
Playing Guitar in the Late 20th Century
Documentation of live performance for solo guitar and electronics.
  Noel Street  
Piano solo. For a childhood neighbour who died too young. (1998)
  Trailer for an Action Film  
Overdubs and a 4 track cassette: Roland 808 drum machine, DX7 and guitars. No sequencers. Just for fun. Film never made.
Score for theatre work
  CBC Radio Article  
CBC's The World This Weekend article about my research (1/16/2000)
  Una Voce  
Dance score circa 1986 - choreography by Mairin Wilde.
Created on a 4 track cassette deck with a DX7.
  Time's Helix  
Excerpt from a dance score written for a solo work by Santa Aloi in 1984. Produced on a 4 track cassette for DX7 and electric guitar.


blue light with angels, falling  
Solo for DX7 and second FM synthesizer module. Studio version.