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The Machine's Four Humours in électro clips empreintes DIGITALes IMED-9004 magic is chance  in Presence I Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) PeP-001 A Palaver with Procrusties in  Presence II  (CEC) PeP-002
Guitar with Hut20 in  DISContact II (CEC) 1995 My G3 Wants to Kill Your Mama & Shifting Form (with Paul Plimley) musicworks 79 balloon (ex.) in Presence III (CEC) PeP-003
a Palaver with Procrusties (ex.) in electricities Canadian Music Centre Disc S4 Flights in DISContact! III (CEC) PeP-007 Hut20 (live version) released on SFU 40: Celebrating Electroacoustic Music at SFU 1965- 2005 Cambridge Street Records CSR CD 9501

All the Knowing / balloon /The Mystery of His Will / On the Air / Flights
On the Air: narrative electroacoustic music by Martin Gotfrit Centredisc CMC 9904




"Spinning Horns/Tone Wheels" Fixed media two channel electroacoustic work from recordings made of Lou Crockett playing his Hammond A-100 and Leslie. Third in a series beginning with "Unabomba Market" and "Axis of Exile". Premiere at Vancouver ProMusica Annual Electroacoustic Festival Nov. 16th, 2017.

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"Axis of Exile" Fixed media four channel electroacoustic work based on recordings made in the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Premiere at the Pro Musica Third Annual Electroaocustic Festival, Nov. 21, 2015, Vancouver. [mp3 version]

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"The Veil of Nature: A Museum of Liminal Science"
Paper presented at the Conference on the Image 2014, Berlin Germany Oct. 29/30, 2014

"Unabomba Market" Fixed media electroacoustic work.

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"Selah" premieres at SFU Woodward's Studio T, October, 2013. Another in my series for MIDI guitar and software.

"The Secret Doctrine" premieres at the Fei&Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Vancouver July 2-6. Final workshop/rehearsal runs from June 6 to July 30, 2013. Production features an 8 channel sound system. The sound and music cues are programmed with CueX, original software by Gotfrit & Jeremy Hartmann.

"The Veil of Nature", an immersive installation funded in part by British Columbia FIlm and Media ($50,000) opens June 14 and closes July 5th 2013 in the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. The accompanying website www.theveilofnature.net opens early June 2013.

Performances at CeC Festival in Sattal India. Musicians included Jesse Gotfrit (voice/text), Noah Gotfrit (guitar), Kenneth Newby (imbira), Aparna Panshikar (vocals), Shankar Barua (electronics)) and Jayen Vanna (bass)

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"The Secret Doctrine" Workshop II (May 28 - June 10) completed at the Fredrick Wood Theatre, UBC. Participants include: Ines Buchli (York U./Director), Gotfrit, Gruben and Gardiner, Marian Wihak (Design/OCAAD), and Lou Crockett (Magic Consultant).

"A Moving"(17') Music for a dance piece choreographed by Rbert Kitsos. Premiered at the Belkin Gallery, March 29, 2012. There are also two different video versions of this work about to be released (as of Sept. 2012).

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"The Secret Doctrine" Funding received for a three year research project with Patricia Gruben (SFU/Writer) and Robert Gardiner (UBC/Designer) to develop, through a series of workshops, an adaptation of a screenplay by Patricia Gruben. Workshop I completed May/June 2011 in the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU.

"Jumping out of the Vostok", (12') for fretless MIDI guitar and electronics. A musical meditation on the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's April 12, 1961 flight. Studio D, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU Woodwards. April 17, 2011.

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"The Objecthood of Chairs", score and sound for a multimodal full evening theatre work written by Peter Dickenson, directed by DD Kugler, Choreographed by Rob Kitsos and with Video by Rob Groneboer. World premiere, Studio T, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU. Sept. 2010.

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Wake"Wake" (see below) 20' eight channel music only version. Performed at Interactive Futures Stereo 09, Acoustic Illusions, Surrey Art Centre, Nov. 19th.

"Wake" (see below) 12' version with solo dancer and video. Performed at Intersections Digital Studio, Emily Carr University. TELEMUSIC Concert at MUSICACOUSTICA 2009
October 27th, 10am (Beijing): October 26th, (Calgary 8pm, Vancouver 7pm) 2009. China Electronic Music Center (CEMC) at China's Central Conservatory of Music and the Electroacoustic Music Association of China in Collaboration with the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC).

"Wake" (65') Music & sound for mixed media performance: choreography by Robert Kitsos, video by Rob Groeneboer. Guitar and structured improvisation with pre-recorded material. Premiere at the Dance Centre, Sept. 11 & 12, 2009.

"Wake" (20') New fixed media score for a choreography by Robert Kitsos. Premiere at Vancouver International Dance Festival, March 5-7, 2009. Subsequent performance after revisions as a stand-alone fixed media work for the Spring Electroacoustic Show 2009 at the SFU Theatre, Burnaby BC.

"Intersecting Lines" (120') An evening of improvisations with Curtis Bahn (sitar, delruba, computer), Eric Brown (6 & 4 string basses, computer). Aleksandra Dulic (visuals), Martin Gotfrit (fretless and fretted guitars, computer) and Kenneth Newby (5 string violin, computer, and toys) at 1067 Granville. March 14, 2009

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"in a thousand drops... refracted glances" New interactive media installation commissioned by the Beall Center for Art and Technology, Irvine California. Computational Poetics Research Group. Show ran January - March 2008. Subsequent installation as part of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME 2008) at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce in Genova, Italy June 5-7, 2008.

"Computational Poetics Research Group - Visual Music" New media and music work by the CPRG (Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby & Martin Gotfrit) at CeC&CaC Conference, India international Centre Auditorium, Feb. 15, 2008. Also on the program a large collaborative work with CPRG, Ajay Kapur, Aparana Panshikar, Lawrence Casserley, Ansuman Biswas, Bettina Wenzel and Curtis Bahn.

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Turbulence" (6’) Music for a dance choreographed by Lisa Naugle and created by Gotfrit’s GitM system. Part of “Songs at a Distance”, a telematic performance between UC Irvine and NYU (Loewe Theatre, NY). April 28, 2007

"Horn Please!" (5’) Live 8 channel audio work using Gotfrit'sv GitM system. Premiere in the SFU Theatre, April 5th, 2007 as part of "Surrounding Sound", a concert of electroaocustic work curated by Barry Truax.

"Pasiphae: Out of the Labyrinth" (45’) Live multimedia performance work for two composer/performers and animator. Co-creators – Martin Gotfrit: GitM system, MIDI guitar and fretless guitar, Kenneth Newby: violin, computer processing, video performance software/system, Aleksandra Dulic, performing animator, image creation. Premiere at CeC&CaC Conference, India international Centre Auditorium, Feb. 11, 2007. Also performed at the Intersection Digital Studio of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Feb. 27th.

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"The River's Third Bank" (15’) Live performance work for GitM system, MIDI guitar and fretless guitar. Premiere at the Simon Fraser University Theatre Nov. 10th, 2006 as part of Overtones and Undercurrents, curated by Barry Truax.

(30’) Telematic dance (UC Irvine – UC Santa Cruz) work with music generated by Gotfrit’s GitM composition system. Ted Warburton, John Crawford and Lisa Naugle collaborators. June 2, 2006 This is the latest in a series of collaborations using Crawford’s “Active Space” motion tracking system and Gotfrit’s real-time music generating system Ghost in the Machine (GitM).
 “In the Cold Distance” (3’) Commissioned by the Song Room performance series. Lyrics by Marc Diamond. Song for voice and fretless guitar. Premiered June 18, 2005 (Song Room 2, Vancouver). Vancouver East Cultural Centre May 29, 2006.

“Out of the Labyrinth”
(50’) multimedia performance: Gotfrit (computer system & guitar) with Kenneth Newby (violin & computer) and Aleksandra Dulic (real-time animation). Interactive Futures Conference, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC January 8, 2006

2 0 0 5

“Other Auralities” (60’) multimedia performance with group listed above as well as percussionist Andreas Kahre. Open Space Performance Series. Oct. 29 & 30th 2005.

“One River (running)”
Multimedia interactive installation in collaboration with Dinka Pignon, Kenneth Newby and Aleksandra Dulic. Commissioned by the Surrey Art Gallery for their 30th anniversary. Oct. 13 – Dec. 18, 2005. Surrey Art Gallery. (Follow link under [artwork] to [installation] to one river)

 “Responsive Circumstances: Urban Fabric Prague”
(45’) Interactive performance with dancers and multimedia using Gotfrit’s GitM system, guitar and keyboards in collaboration with John Crawford and Lisa Naugle. National Gallery Cinema Hall, Prague. Part of the opening ceremonies for the International Biennale of Contemporary Art. June 2005.

(13’) Interactive music work for solo performer. Premiere SFU Theatre, March 18, 2005.

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“Lima Alpha India Kilo Alpha” (15’) Interactive music work for solo performer employing a custom console, media projection, original software and multichannel sound projection. Premiere at the Western Front, Vancouver, as part of the Sonic Boom Festival 2004. Subsequent performances: SFU Theatre and Vancouver Planetarium.

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"Antigone" (90’) Sound design and composition of incidental music, songs for production directed by Penelope Stella with script and lyrics by Marc Diamond. SFU Theatre March 2003

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“Flights” (5’), 2002, CBC Radio commission in response to the one-year anniversary of the events of September 11th, 2001. Broadcast 9/11/2002. Selected for performance at MEDIA CIRCU (it) S, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts, Electroacoustic music Centre. Nov. 5th, 2002. Many other subsequent performances.

“Mélée Mécaniques II (90’) Interactive installation work for 2 robots in 6 channels. Original software. Premiered at the eLounge - Vancouver New Music's Linkage Music Festival, Video In, Vancouver, B.C. April 20, 2002 “Mélée Mécaniques (9’), 2002, Interactive work for robot & remote controlled tank. Original software based on Gotfrit’s XVox. Robot & tank's sounds trigger processing and structure. With Marc Diamond on tank controls.

2 0 0 1

“The Mystery of His Will” (5’), 2001, CBC Radio commission to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first transatlantic wireless broadcast by Marconi. Selected for broadcast, International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music, 2002, Brazil.

“All the Knowing” (Aural Recall version),
(3.5’), 2001,
2001. Re-edited and re-mixed version of 2000 work. Winner of the national CBC contest “Aural Recall”.

“The Brutal Telling” (video)
(26’), 2001, Sound design for video by David Rimmer.

2 0 0 0

“All the Knowing”  (10), 2000, electroacoustic work based on samples from an early childhood recording and sonic icons from World War II. Selected for performance at IV BIMESP 2002, The International Biennial for Electroacoustic Music in SĆo Paulo, Brazil. Dec. 5th, 2002

"The Oedipus"
directed by Penelope Stella.  Sound design and incidental music. SFU Theatre, March 1999.

 “Shifting Floors”
(10), 2000, Interactive work using LiveProcess software (M. Gotfrit) with composer/performer Paul Plimley. Premiere Sonic Boom, Vancouver, 2001

“Relatively Well Centred”
2000/2001 (20’) Score for dance by choreographer Henry Daniel. Has been presented as sequences and in various versions. Samples by Albert Smith (conga & musical bow).

“Navigating Chaos” 2000 (18’) Original score for solo dance work choreographed by Cheryl Prophet. Electroacoustic work based on samples of zither built by the composer.

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“P4PP” (15) 1999, Interactive work for piano and real-time computer controlled signal processing using  LiveProcess v. 4.  Collaboration with composer/performer Paul Plimley. Premiere, SFU Theatre, 09/2000

(10’), 1999,
electroacoustic work based on sounds made with a balloon and sampled voices. Selected by the Canadian League of Composers for presentation at the Open Ears Festival, May 2001.

"A Bucket of Sound"
live performance work for microphone, bucket and computer processing using original software. Premiere June 1, 1999 at the LEAPs  concert, Performance Works, Vancouver.  12'

“The Brutal Telling”
1999 – 2001 (65’) Sound design, music re-mixes  and incidental music.  Choreography by Jennifer Mascall. Work has undergone several different versions over the past few years and many performances. Directed by Penelope Stella with original music by Veda Hille.

1 9 9 8

"A Palaver with Procrustes" tape work. Premier SFU Theatre, Vancouver, 3/12/98

"For Seven Players"
, acoustic work for guitar, perc., horn, violin, alto sax, flute, cello, commissioned and premiered by 100th Monkey Ensemble, Eugene Oregon, 12/6/98

"The Brutal Telling"
a dance/theatre work  (50').  Choreographed by Jennifer Mascall, directed by Penelope Stella, text by Marc Diamond, songs by Veda Hille. Sound design and transition music. Premiere at Winnipeg Fringe Festival, July 1998.  Various performances scheduled since.
"Story Time" interactive performance for computer systems and custom interface (16')  premiere at the Vancouver International New Music Festival, June 1998

1 9 9 7

“Turning Off” tape work.  Third in the Machine Series of Electroacoustic Minatures.  Premiere at VNM  Anniversary Gala,  Nov. 1996 (3’)

“Three Hands Clapping” for  computer interactive system and zither (built by the composer) premiered at Western Front, Vancouver, April 19, ‘96 (22’).  Subsequent performance at BEAMS festival, Edmonton, Sept. 1996, ISEA ‘97, Chicago, 9/97

“A Place Called Chiapas” (1997).  Music Director for this feature length documentary by Nettie Wilde.  Music produced in collaboration with Salvadore Ferreras.

“Before it Blows”
 (1996-7) A short experimental film video by Patricia Gruben.  Location sound recording and post production sound design.  VIFF 1997

1 9 9 6

“The Balloonists”, by Marc Diamond.  Vancouver New Music commission.  Interactive music score: sensors in the set control aspects of the performance.  Most of the music and sound design computer composed in real time.  Granville Island Performance Works, Feb. 1996

“Flipping Channels”
20’  directed improvisation  for choreography by Iris Garland, Judith Garay & Marla Eiss, for six  musicians  using instruments designed and built by Martin Gotfrit.  Performance: November, 1996.


1 9 9 5

“Guitar With Hut20” released on “DISContact! II” compact disc, 1995

“Hut20: guitar”
, an interactive computer music work for MIDI guitar using composition/listening software by composer, is premiered at the SFU Theatre, February 1995 (12’)

, by Peter Henke. Directed by John Crawford, interactive music score.  Performance Works, Granville Island, Feb. 1995

Khoros” Score for "New Music, New Dance" festival with choreographer Maureen McKellar (Marin Wilde): for interactive sound sensors and triggers designed by the composer.

1 9 9 4

“Keepers of the Fire”, a one hour documentary directed by Christine Welsh and produced by Omni Films: music score.  Premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival in Fall of 1994.

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 9 3

“Ley Lines”, complete soundtrack for this feature length (74’) documentary by Patricia Gruben.  In addition to all the location recording (Texas, Germany, Tuktoyatuk, NWT) this included creating and editing the sound effects, foley, ambiances and source music and composing the musical score.  Film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 1993.

“On the Border”
, a one hour documentary produced by Neil Boyd: scored for synthesizers, samplers & guitar. Broadcast Jan. 1993

“The Screens”, by Jean Genet.  Directed by Penelope Stella.  Music and sound effects performed live.  Score created through a collaborative process of attending rehearsals and improvising with performers. For clarinet, guitars, bass, percussion and electronics.  Custom software used for triggering of sound effects. Nov. 1993

 “Adjusting Your Set”, an electroacoustic work created for the CEC festival Journées Electro-Radio Days '93 premier at the Western Front in a national broadcast by COOP radio.(7’)

 “The Machine's Four Humours”
an electroacoustic work is premiered in Montreal at “New Music America” 1990. Released on CD “ElectroClips: 25 electroacoustic snapshots” by Empreints Digitales Label.

“Women in the Shadows”
,  a one hour documentary directed by Norma Bailey and produced by Christine Welsh. Original music composed and conducted and scored for oboe, percussion, piano and synthesizers. First prize for Documentary, Vancouver International Film Festival, 1992

“Counting to 100”
, a computer controlled sound installation installed in the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. This is a site-specific work using two computer controlled sound processors: the audio source is a male voice counting to 100.  The aleatoric processes used to modify this voice are counted and displayed on the screen.
 “Deep Sleep” original score for this feature film directed by Patricia Gruben starring Stuart Margolin and Megan Follows. Film premiered at the USA Film Festival in Dallas Texas. Scored for oboe, cello, piano, percussion guitar and electronics.(87’)

“The Last Dance, Murder in Canada”, original score for a one hour documentary produced by Neil Boyd broadcast on the Knowledge Network          
“Playing Guitar in the Late Twentieth Century” for MIDI guitar.  Also curated concert with same name featuring several local experimental guitarists where work was premiered.

“A Rustling of Leaves”
musical consultant, performer, sound effects generation for a feature length documentary directed by Nettie Wild. Premiere at the Vancouver Film Festival 1988. (90’)

“The Warriors are Longing for the Desert”
, work for text (Colin Browne) voice (Roman Onafrijcuk)synthezisers and singer (Gotfrit). ) Premiere at the Jaqueline M. Gallery, Banff April 24. Subsequent performances at "Sonic Boom Festival", Vancouver and on CBC radio's "Two New Hours"
“Ground Water” a collaborative text-music work with poet Colin Browne. Premiere performance at the Western Front with a subsequent performances at Concordia University in Montreal, the Music Gallery in Toronto, Art's Court in Ottawa, the Vancouver Art Gallery , Open Space in Victoria, Hornby Island Festival (75’)

 “Bulimia..”,  original score for the video  by Sylvia Boulet and  Michael Dougherty. (23')

“Low  Visibility”
(80') original music and soundscape design/environmental simulations
for Patricia Gruben's feature film  (84')

“Una Voce”
, (12') 1986 original score for a dance piece staged at the SFU Theatre with choreography by Mairin Wilde (Maureen McKellar)

Score for a choreography by Monique Girard at the Expo Theatre as part of the '86 Pacifete (several subsequent repeat performances)

Third Out
(10') tape work premiered at Tangent, Montreal, March 1983 and with
Conversations live electronic music improvisation with Martin Bartlett. Bartlett - Buchla 400 synthesizer, Gotfrit- Serge Modular and guitar. April
1983, SFU Theatre.

Musical Director and Composer/Performer
“High Wire” by Carousel Theatre at the International Theatre Festival for Young Children, Vanier Park, Vancouver

“A Photographic Moment”
musical arrangement and performance; Langara Studio 58

Solus”. original music (with Ken Newby and Randy Reusch) for David Hauka's film  with dance choreographed  by Grant Strate. Winner of award at the New York Dance on Film and Video Festival 1985 . (29')

“Emma Juliet”
 original score with on-stage guitar performance for a choreography by Marin Wilde at the Firehall Theatre, Flipside series.

“Les Souliers sans Vie “
,  original score (in collaboration with Owen Underhill) for a dance choreographed by Monique Girard and Maureen McKellar for the S.F.U. Faculty Dance Show and Vancouver Dance Week (1985).
“Times Helix”, original score for a dance choreographed by Santa Aloi and premiered at the Laban Centre in London (1984).

“x/n/ba” live performance of score with Newby and Reusch at  Digicon ' 83, Queen Elizabeth Playhouse

, choreographed by Karen Greenaugh (composed in collaboration ) at Terminal City Dance Studio

"An Evening of Original Dance and Music
" created in collaboration with Marsha Paludan and Debbie Boyko at Joe Lechay Studio Montreal

an interdisciplinary performance by Lee Eisler and Nelson Grey with original music performed and composed by Reid Campbell and Martin Gotfrit

an evening of dance by Cheryl Prophet; original  music composed and performed in collaboration with Eric Brown: at the Prism Dance Studio

“Private Parts”
a dance, theatre, poetry, music collaboration  with Lee Eisler, Karen Greenaugh, Nelson Grey, Paul Kelly, Doug Nicole and Eric Brown

“Blue light with angels, falling”
 (solo performance) Firehall Theatre, Vancouver (12’)

“The Telling”
(18') for ensemble and actress with original text; performed by the Magnetic Band at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre with subsequent CBC broadcast.

  live at the Hot Jazz Club for the CBC network show Jazz sur le Vif. (All original compositions).

in Concert; the final concert in the Western Front's “Musicity” series and “Raw & Cooked”  a 60' Cassette is released in Vancouver.

“Another Story”
original guitar solo performed at the Western Front

“Exit...Exit” for two guitars with Paul Dolden at the Western Front

“Beirut Hilton”
  performed by Hextremities at the Western Front

; an evening of original music with Elyra Campbell,  Ken Newby and Paul Plimely including the premiere of  “piece for a painting about John Lennon”

“Saturn Piece for Jo”
, with Debbie Boyko and Kenneth Newby “Planet Three” with Newby, Plimely and Campbell and “Trio for Duo” with Newby at the Western Front

“Danse Macabre”
with Elyra Campbell for voice and original zither designed by Gotfrit

Metamusic in Reunion” at Tangent, Montreal

“Between Trains”
with Eric Brown and Elyra Campbell at the Western Front

“Red Giant White Dwarf”
for live performers and tape performed at the Sunn Concerts Houston, Texas by the performers/composers group

“november, setting”
tape piece realized at the McGill EMS. Premiere at Pollack Hall May 1, 1975. Subsequent performances at the Bourges Festival in France (1975) Young Composers  Symposium in Waterloo, Flykingen, Sweden as part of Alcides  Lanza's 1977 Tour as well as radio broadcasts in the US and Europe.

“Moth's Eye”
a 16mm film by Fraser Steele: original electronic score realized at the McGill EMS.

“Mundane Barnes of Tibbits Hill”
  film by Seagull Productions Montreal; arrangement of traditional music and original score.

16mm. Second prize for documentary at the Canadian Student Film Festival 1973 ( Directed by Fraser Steele) Original score