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Horn Please!  

A raw stereo sample recorded outside of Fatapurshikri in Northern India


Horn Please is an 8 channel work performed live using Gotfrit's GitM software. Premiere was on April 5th, 2007 in the SFU Theatre.

[stereo version here]

In India, auto rickshaws, transport trucks and buses have “Horn Please”, “Horn OK” or “Blow Horn” painted on the back. It is not that anyone really needs this encouragement. The rhythm of beep or ring is a constant din - signalling approach, departure, disapproval or simply existence. In this manner the trucks, buses, cars, rickshaws, motorcycles, scooters, camels, horses, oxen and bicycles all seem to find a path through the mélée. In this complex hierarchy, which at first appears completely chaotic, rests a compelling similitude to many aspects of this land.

Material derived from samples recorded from auto rickshaw, bicycle rickshaw, taxi and bus in Varanassi, Delhi and Fatapurshikri

This research made possible by support from the SSHRC and SFU