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Welcome to the website of Dr. Kathleen Akins at Simon Fraser University.

"Neurophilosophy" is an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of philosophy and the neurosciences. In neurophilosophy, we attempt to understand how various traditional, long-standing problems about the nature of the mind and the world can be resolved (or at least nudged towards resolution) by current findings within the neurosciences. My work incorporated current research within neurophysiology, neuropsychology, neurethology and psychophysics in order to understand the nature of perception, cognition, consciousness, the emotions and mental representation in general.

Kathleen Akins is a James S. McDonnell Centennial Fellow in the field of Philosophy of Science, a Burnaby Mountain Endowed Research Professor, and a member of the Philosophy Department and Cognitive Sciences Program.



An article on tongue protrusion?! Indeed. Now a target article in Behavioural And Brain Sciences.

Neonatal Imitation in Context: Sensory-Motor Development in the Perinatal Period

Authors: Nazim Keven and Kathleen Akins

July 2016
















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