Cognitive science is the study of the mind and its processes, including consciousness, language, learning, information processing, and decision making. At SFU this study is explored at the intersection of Linguistics, Psychology, Computing Science, and Philosophy. Through a variety of scientific and philosophical approaches, this interdisciplinary approach seeks a broader and deeper understanding of cognition.

Students in our program customize their individual programs within a set of required and recommended courses according to their developing interests. Faculty associated with our program and the Cognitive Science community at SFU contribute individually and collaboratively to a wide range of research areas.

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Sessional Positions -- Postings for COGS 100 Spring 2015. Apply by November 6.

TA applications open for COGS 100 Spring 2015. Apply by November 6.

Any SFU student wishing to explore your options in COGS contact the Cognitive Science Advisor at cogs-info@sfu.ca. Why not make an appointment with the advisor to review your plans and progress and confirm you're on track?

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