Vancouver-area Worm Research Meeting

The centerpiece of VanWoRM presentations is the nematode C. elegans, with topics that include gene expression and regulation, development, neurobiology and understanding molecular mechanisms of human diseases. Meetings encompass three talks averaging 20 minutes in length, and are followed by the exchange of ideas over pizza and beverages. VanWoRM is organised by students (see its History) and is looking for sponsors!

Upcoming VanWoRM

Wednesday April 4, 2018 (5.00 - 6.30 pm)
SSB 7172
SFU [Map]

  • Erica Li-Leger (Moerman lab, UBC): Identification and Characterization of Maternal-Effect Genes on Chromosomes IV and V (10 min presentation)
  • Troy McDiarmid (Rankin lab, UBC): Deciphering ASD-associated variants of uncertain significance in human PTEN using C. elegans (15 min presentation)
  • Ethan Fortes (Mizumoto lab, UBC): Elucidating mechanisms that inhibit synapse formation (10 min presentation)
  • Abigail Feresten (Hutter lab, SFU): What guides the leaders: Identifying factors involved in pioneer axon extension (10 min presentation)
  • Hamida Safi (Hawkins lab, SFU): A link between acetylation and Wnt pathway regulation? (15 min presentation)

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VanWoRM organising committee

  • Chair - Troy McDiarmid (UBC)
  • Committee members - Alex Yu (UBC), Kwangjin Park (SFU), Hamida Safi (SFU), Naomi Shomer (CMMT)

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