Research groups

British Columbia is home to eleven prominent research groups that mainly use C. elegans as a model organism. Their lab homepages and research interests are listed below, and e-mail addresses can be found on the Contact page.

University of British Columbia

Don Moerman lab

Knockout consortium group and functional genomics of muscle.

Ann Rose lab

Mechanisms of recombination and DNA repair.

Cathy Rankin lab

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of behaviour and memory.

Don Riddle lab

Developmental pathways; Dauer larvae.

Simon Fraser University

Harald Hutter lab

Neurobiology; neuron pathfinding.

David Baillie lab

Functional genomics; expression analysis.

Nancy Hawkins lab

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of asymmetric cell division.

Jack Chen lab

Bioinformatics; genomics; genome evolution and organisation.

Michel Leroux lab

Functional genomics of cilia; ciliopathies; actin and tubulin biogenesis.

Trinity Western University

Eve Stringham lab

Neuron pathfinding and outgrowth.

Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics (UBC)

Stefan Taubert lab

Lipid regulation.

Other groups that also use C. elegans as a model system