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The e-mail addresses of all regional C. elegans Principal Investigators are listed below, and the lab websites are listed on the Researchers page.

  • Ann Rose (UBC) -
  • Catherine Rankin (UBC) -
  • David Baillie (SFU) -
  • Donald Moerman (UBC) -
  • Donald Riddle (UBC) -
  • Harald Hutter (SFU) -
  • Jack Chen (SFU) -
  • Michel Leroux (SFU) -
  • Nancy Hawkins (SFU) -
  • Stefan Taubert (CMMT/UBC) -

Contact information for all BCe members and VanWoRM organisers.

  • You can contact all BCe members at e-mail address [forthcoming]
  • You can reach the VanWoRM organisers by writing to