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Our group sports nine full-time researchers, including postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, research associate and research assistant. We have a number of alumni from our lab. Take a look at our Group photos.

Michel Leroux
CIHR and MSFHR senior scholar
Co-Founder of Centre for Cell Biology, Development and Disease (C2D2)

| curriculum vitae

Chunmei Li
Research Associate
Molecular characterisation of novel ciliary genes


Christine Kondratev
Lab manager


Adam Warner
Research Associate
Identification and analysis of novel cilium-associated proteins


Marine Barbelanne
Postdoctoral fellow
Ciliary protein function


Kwangjin Park
Ph.D. student
Multi-Year-Funding Entrance Scholarship
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Identification and analysis of novel ciliary proteins


Nils Lambacher
Postdoctoral fellow
Analysis of ciliary proteins

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