Centre for Cell Biology, Development, and Disease (C2D2)

About C2D2:

The Centre for Cell biology, Development, and Disease (C2D2) was  inaugurated in 2014.

It is a collaborative endeavour in SFU's Faculty of Science that includes the Departments of Biological ScienceMolecular Biology and BiochemistryBiomedical Physiology and KinesiologyChemistry, and Physics.

Our goals:

• To enhance the research potential of groups focused on cell and developmental mechanisms of human, animal, and plant diseases.
• To establish greater cohesion and collaborative opportunities amongst researchers.
• To enhance student and postdoctoral research training opportunities.
• To facilitate outreach to the greater research and lay communities in the Vancouver lower mainland.



C2D2 researchers span multiple departments: Biological Sciences, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Chemistry, and Physics.


C2D2 researchers publish in top-level journal articles relevent to human health and disease.


C2D2 researchers have access to essential infrastructure to carry out their biomedical studies.



C2D2 holds regular inter-departmental seminars and invites prestigious researchers from other institutions to present their research.

Support our Research

Help the research groups and trainees with a donation, or join our group!


C2D2 activities are generously supported by several biotech companies.