STATISTICS 350: Linear Models in Applied Statistics II

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Computing requirements: You will be doing regular assignments in SAS or Minitab or SPlus. Computing will account for a significant portion of the mark. I will be assuming that you already know how to use SAS through the assingment lab. If not you will have to use the following handouts to get started: intro to SAS on PC's here and on Macs here ). SAS is common among employers of statisticians. THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR STATISTICIANS WHO CAN'T DO THE COMPUTING.

Grading: Assignments 15%, Midterm (Wednesday 19 Feb.) 25% and Final 60%. If you get a better mark on the final than on the midterm I will replace the midterm with the final. If you miss the midterm I will use the final in its place; there will be no make-up midterms.

Privacy Policy: The Math and Stat department has a policy on privacy under which students who desire so may have their homework returned in some private way; if you are such a student you should speak to me immediately.

Handouts for the lectures

Assignments: You may miss one with no penalty; however, all computing assignments are required. I will be looking for well written explanations in answers since no one is interested in unexplained calculations in the real world. The questions:

Assignment 1: Due 17 JanQuestions
Assignment 2Questions
Assignment 3Questions
Assignment 4Questions
Assignment 5Questions
Assignment 6Questions