Essential Statistical Physics Typos and Corrections

Page 1, Sec. 1.1 The heat capacity for argon and oxygen should be the heat capacity per molecule

Page 11, Sec. 1.2.4 "Hence the variance in the distance travelled in the walk ..." should read "Hence the variance in the displacement of the walk ..."

Page 21, Sec. 1.5 "In systems with many macroscropic degrees of freedom ..." should read "In systems with many microscopic degrees of freedom ..."

page 22, Prob 1.4 Typo: "indvidual" should read "individual

page 27, Eq. (2.7) The argument of Ω1 is U1 and the argument of Ω2 is U2

Page 30, Sec. 2.1.3 The expression for the multiplicity function Ω(U) assumes that the density of states g(U) doesn't change appreciably over the energy window δ U

Page 39, Prob. 2.9 a) Ω(N,n) should be given by Ω(N,n) = (N+n-1)!(N-1)!n!

Page 47, Prob. 3.2 There is a missing "m" in the Hamiltonian, it should be H = p22m + 122x2

Page 75, Sec. 4.5.4 ΔS1 = ΔS2 only if gsA = gsB and nQA = nQB

Page 85, Prob. 4.19 Ortho and para were switched. For para hydrogen the spins are in a triplet state and for ortho hydrogen the spins are in a singlet state

Page 87, Sec. 5.1.1 There is a repeated "is" on the line above Eq. (5.4). The second "is" should be omitted

Page 93, Eq. (5.27) The sum over i on the right hand side of the equation should be a sum over j.

Page 97, Eq. (5.45) The α in the bracket should be replaced by α⁄m

Page 105, Prob 5.6 "The number of molecules in a fluid crossing a surface of unit area ..." should read "The number of molecules in a fluid crossing a surface of unit area per unit time ..."

Page 111, Eq. (6.21) The upper limits on the sums over N should strictly be N0 to be consistent with Sec. 6.1. We have sent N0 to ∞

Page 120, Eq. (6.71) nqi should read nQi

Page 143, Sec. 8.1.2 In the discussion below Eq.(8.20), "odd" terms refer to those in which n is even, i.e. (n+1) is odd, and "even" terms refer to those in which n is odd, i.e. (n+1) is even. This was a confusing choice of wording

Page 145, Eq. (8.34) ε should read εs in the first line of the equation

Page 148, Eq. (8.53) There should be no f0(ε) term in the equation

Page 198, Fig. 10.3 The label on the y-axis should actually read "tanh(zβJm)"

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