Physics 810: Graduate Quantum Mechanics


Course Outline



Hilbert Space

Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

Canonical Quantization

Equations of Motion

Simple Harmonic Oscillator

Angular Momentum

Approximate Methods

Two Level Systems

Geometric Phases

Two electron atoms

Further consequences of symmetry

The Dirac equation

Problem Sets and solutions

Problem Set 1 Solutions

Problem Set 2 Solutions

Problem Set 3 Solutions

Problem Set 4 Solutions

Problem Set 5 Solutions

Past Exams

Midterm Solutions

2009 2007 2006 2005 Formula Sheet


Feynman's original paper on using path integrals in quantum mechanics

Michael Berry's original paper on geometric phases

A review article on testing the limits of quantum mechanics by Tony Leggett

Schrodinger's Cat: (picture courtesy of David Lee)

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