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Beedie School of Business and Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies

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Homicide Rates Have Fallen About as Fast in Canada as in the US


Civilian Firearms and the Homicide Rate in Europe (Kates and Mauser)


Civilian Firearms and the Homicide Rate in Europe (UNDOC and SAS 2008)


Civilian Firearms and the Homicide Rate in 173 Countries Worldwide

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  1. Strange Twist
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New Zealand 2005

Bowling For Columbine

Commentary and Statistics

"This is a deeply dishonest movie." - Gary Mauser

Columbine Commentary


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Nora and Ted Sterling Prize for Controversy

In 2001, I received the Nora and Ted Sterling Prize for my work on gun control.

The talk at the award ceremony was entitled: "Will gun control make us safe? Debunking the myths."

Check out the power-point presentation on this website, download the PowerPoint file (ZIP or SIT) or read the talk as a PDF file.

as a Website, as a powerpoint file, (in ZIPor SIT format), as a PDF (talk only)

See below for two different papers which were based on my Sterling talk.


Gun Control: Commentary

Reply to Quigley
Blog Commentary

ARCHIVES: Some Older Papers, Presentations, and Letters to Editors

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American Society of Criminology 2002 Talk 2002 Overheads Comparison Robery US-CDN
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Draft Law Review Paper Dangerous Women
Vancouver Sun 31-12-2003 Article
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