ECON 302

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Tips for Succeeding in ECON 302 (updated for Spring 2023)
Most of ECON 302 is about maximizing expected utility/profit and figuring out the welfare implications of this maximization. The exact way in which the maximization is done varies according to the economic situation, but it always takes the form of "Choose an action/strategy to maximize expected utility/profit, taking certain things as given and/or subject to certain constraints."
Here is an overview of the various "kinds of maximization" from ECON 201 and 302. You should not have to learn this document by heart - if you understand the material, you should naturally know all of this. Instead, find the similarities and differences between the settings, and see if you understand WHY they're there.
If you know how to write down the expressions to maximize and the constraints, can perform the maximization, understand the reasoning and economic intuition, and know how to evaluate the efficiency of the outcomes, you should do well in this course.

Lecture Slides
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Review: Pareto Efficiency and Welfare Analysis