Welcome to the Cheung Research Group

Lab News:

Congratulations Nicholaus Zilinski! Nic is the 2021 SFU 3MT 3rd Place and People's Choice Award winner. Here is Nic's winning entry, "Mind Reading with Laser Beams", which explains to a lay audience the concepts of an optically pumped magnetometer (OPM).

Latest Publications:

"Virtual Reality–Guided Meditation for Chronic Pain in Patients With Cancer: Exploratory Analysis of Electroencephalograph Activity"

JMIR Biomedical Reviews, Vol 6, No 2 (2021): Apr-Jun.

Henry Fu, Bernie Garrett, Gordon Tao, Elliott Cordingley, Zahra Ofoghi, Tarnia Taverner, Crystal Sun, Teresa Cheung


"Multiple constrained minimum variance beamformer (MCMV) performance in connectivity analyses"

NeuroImage, Volume 208, March 2020, 116386.

Adonay S. Nunes, Alexander Moiseev, Nataliia Kozhemiako, Teresa Cheung, Urs Ribary, Sam M. Doesburg


"Neuromagnetic activation and oscillatory dynamics of stimulus-locked processing during naturalistic viewing"

NeuroImage, Volume 216, 1 August 2020, 116414.

Adonay Nunes, Nataliia Kozhemiakoa, Alexander Moiseev, Robert A. Seymour, Teresa P. L. Cheung, Urs Ribary, Sam M. Doesburg